MLG-MEDIATION PROJECT was established media in 2007. 

Our company, located in Spain, provides services as an intermediary for the procurement of medium to large construction projects, mainly in Saudi Arabia.
The projects, which are to be realized, may complete or in specific sections be procured.

Since most projects are of considerable size, there is a multitude of technical knowledge necessary which can vary from road engineering, construction, concrete construction, electricity, communications, infrastructure, railways, bridges, etc, etc.

Those interested can through our company mlg project mediation make an appointment overthere and travel under the supervision of an employee to the relevant people and places, after requesting the necessary documents such as visas at the embassy.

After the first visit and interest of both sides, apointments can be arranged to finally come to concrete agreements and contracts.

Those interested can respond through our website or by telephone for more information 

General Manager: Alfonso Martinez-López.   -

General Manager:

Alfonso Martinez-López
Lorca Murcia - Spain

0034 - 63 67 80 808

General Manager Alfonso Martinez-Lopez

Project Managers:

ST van Grieken  (Netherlands)
0031 - 65 33 35 928

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